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Memory Mess Memory Mess
A time limited memory game.
Evolution Experiment Evolution Experiment
An experiment where you decide how game will evolve.
WordQuake WordQuake
A word game with earthquakes.
Differences - City tour Differences - City tour
Spot the five differences.
First Wave First Wave
A tower defence game with a bug theme.
Flowers and Weeds Flowers and Weeds
Remove the weeds and grow a flourishing garden.
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[19.09.2011]Empty Hill released Droplem - iOS game!

The Empty Hill has released new iOS game. Please check it out:

[02.05.2010]Guise and Empty Hill

The Facebook application mentioned earlier is now available for the public. It is called Guise and with it you can change yourself in Facebook. Instead of making expressions and wearing apparel, you can manipulate your look with Guise Props. These include anything from hair to hats, lips to glasses and the library keeps on growing!

While developing the Guise we also started partnership with a fresh multimedia studio called Empty Hill. There will be lots of interesting releases coming from Empty Hill in the future. Follow up the progress at


Added shoutbox to top right corner of the site. Feel free to leave some message there.


For a while the Evolution Experiment has been living a quiet times. We are not getting real ideas from players, so we are putting that project to the lower priority. We are not stopping whole development, but without ideas we can't proceed with it.

The Facebook application we mentioned has got some good feedback from beta testing. We are now starting to implement those ideas before going to live. You still need to wait the application for a while.

In the background we are still designing interesting multiplayer games. We trashed one of the first ideas (or left it to be done later) and started new one. This new idea doesn't require so accurate synchronization between players and therefore gives us more freedom.

Now it would be good time to play some games. Choose one from the left side of the page ;).

[27.01.2010]10000 page views

It's not too much, but some kind a milestone.

[25.01.2010]Facebook application!

We are currently having beta test for our new Facebook application. Stay tuned for the release.

[06.01.2010]Web site updates

We have moved the web site to new hosting location and updated the visual look of the site. Now it should be easier to navigate between games.

[06.01.2010]Evolution Experiment updates

Again some ideas have been implemented. Now there is another computer controlled character and you can ask that to follow you around the level. Try it out here. We have couple of ideas in production pipeline, so you might see those in near future. But don't forget to give us your own ideas through the idea box inside the game.


Rengames is a game studio from Finland. We are currently best known for our puzzle game "Differences - City Tour", which has achieved more than half a million unique plays via different game sites around the web.


Currently we are working together with Empty Hill guys and releasing stuff for them.


Do you have a new project or a game idea that you think would be perfect for our portfolio? Feel free to get in touch - we're always up for game related chats. We will read the e-mail address rengames(at) We also welcome feedback on our current games.