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Evolution Experiment


Welcome to an open game - the kind that evolves according to the wishes of the players. The only rule here is that the rules are made to be changed.

To set the ball rolling, there is an idea box through which people can send suggestions on how the game should be changed. If you come up with an idea, don't hesitate to get in touch.

For example, should the game be a platformer or a puzzle? Should the graphics be scarier - or maybe retro style? Maybe the main character should be [something you invent]?

There are no restrictions to what you can suggest.

All ideas will be thoroughly considered, as frequently as possible, and the best ideas will be integrated into the game by the developers.

Try it also in Facebook

UPDATE: Finally we got first idea from one brave player. Idea was to have some kind a platform game with puzzles, so we started to create platform engine to game. More ideas are welcome.

UPDATE 18.12.2009: Possibility to throw bombs around has been added. We have been monitoring the ideas and there is couple of interesting ones, but those are quite hard to implement without bigger understanding of what everything else would be. First there was this idea: "step up all the way and come down symetrically". This could bring the puzzle to game, but still we are not really sure what to do at this stage of the development. Another idea to share could be "one jump one step to evolution". This is probably something we will implement later, but at this point it wouldn't be anything else than shifting color when jumping.

UPDATE 06.01.2010: Computer controlled character was added couple of days ago. You can ask it to follow you around the level.